Universities in Canada Rated for Innovation and Quality 

According to a survey by Maclean’s, the University of Waterloo received the number one spot for Most Innovative. The university has received this award for 27 years in a row. They also won second place for Best Overall. There are 31,380 undergraduates and 5,290 postgraduates at the public university. The University of Toronto was ranked number one for the highest quality, leaders of tomorrow, and best overall and ranked second for most innovative. The school is located on the grounds that surround Queen’s Park in Toronto, Ontario, and was founded in 1827 as King’s College. If you are considering relocating to Canada to live abroad, contact Canadian Visa Expert. They have created a Five-Phase Process to simplify the Canadian worker visa procedure. Working with such an experienced team of professionals will help the process go quickly and smoothly.

UBC ranked third for most innovative, best overall, and leaders of tomorrow. The university in British Columbia is a global center for research and teaching. They consistently rank among the top 20 public universities across the globe. Ranking fourth for most innovative and fifth as the highest quality is McMaster, the public research university located in Hamilton, Ontario. Ranking sixth as a top-quality university is Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Queen’s is a co-educational school with over 23,000 students. The university has six campus libraries. If you are considering living and working in Canada, contact Canadian Visa Expert. They will walk you through the steps of Canadian immigration so you can begin a new life. There are plenty of job opportunities available in Canada. Start your planning today by contacting the immigration professionals.

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