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25 Years Since Canada Welcomed Refugees from Kosovo

A new exhibition at the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 commemorates the 25 years since the arrival of Kosovar refugees fleeing war in Canada.

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The exhibition holds a special significance for Arta Rexhepi from Dartmouth, N.S. She was 13 years old when she arrived in Canada as a Kosovar refugee.

Rexhepi has created a documentary about the refugees’ experience, which will be screened at the exhibition and made available on YouTube.

Around 7,000 refugees arrived in Canada through Operation Parasol.

More than one million people of Albanian ethnicity were displaced during the Kosovo War (1998-99).

Rexhepi told CBC Radio’s Information Morning Nova Scotia program that the events of that time are still vivid in the memories of refugees and Canadians who helped them.

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She said the exhibition reminds her of the risk Canada took with Kosovar refugees and the “leap of faith” the refugees made.

“I remember the early days in Canada… they were the best days of my life in Canada,” Rexhepi said. “Although they were difficult, we were surrounded by a lot of love and support from all Canadians.”

A new exhibition at a museum commemorates the 25 years since the arrival of Kosovar refugees in Canada.

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