Tiny Town of Timmins Attracts Immigrants to Canada

Timmins, a small town in northern Canada, is attracting immigrants to Canada. According to Canadian Visa Expert, the town has a small population of 41,000 residents as of the last census in 2021. Timmins is about an eight-hour drive north of Toronto and it’s popularly known for its vast open-pit mine.

The small town is one of the 11 rural and northern Canadian communities engaged in the pilot project to grant people permanent residency status in Canada.

Canadian Visa Expert can confirm that Timmins has attracted immigrants from different regions of the world, including Dubai.

Such immigrants include Everard and Ifeoma Kasimanwuna, who moved to Canada in 2021 from the United Arab Emirates. 

Everard was a veterinary doctor in Dubai before relocating to Canada. 

In his words:

“Moving to Canada is a great choice for me and my family because Canada offers a swift route to permanent resident status. My wife and I need something permanent, and here in Canada, we can get that.”

More about the tiny town of Timmins attracting immigrants to Canada

Timmins is fast becoming a place to call home for people from all walks of life. The immigration pilot project is helping the small town to re-emerge as a glittering northern city, attracting newcomers from southern Canada.

Canadian Visa Expert could confirm that a year ago, people only came to Timmins to seek gold and nothing more. Now, however, the town could offer cheap houses.

Michelle Boileau, the city’s mayor, says:

“The cost of living here is quite affordable, and we have lots of vacancies for newcomers in our local businesses and services.”

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