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Canadian Cities with Best Views of the Northern Lights

If witnessing the magic of the Northern Lights is on your bucket list, Yellowknife in Canada’s Northwest should be your top destination. A new report compiled by AceOdds, experts in probabilities, has just revealed the top cities in Canada where you’ll have the highest likelihood of seeing the Northern Lights in 2024.

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Currently, due to the level of solar activity, 2024 – 2025 is said to be one of the best years in the last two decades for witnessing the Aurora Borealis.

By analyzing information on factors like light pollution levels, average hours of clear skies, and distance from the North Pole for each location, experts were able to rank which Canadian cities are likely to offer the best views of the Northern Lights.

After carefully analyzing the key factors leading to viewing these celestial wonders, Yellowknife emerged as the top spot to see the Northern Lights in Canada. One of the main reasons for its selection as the best location in Canada to view the auroras is its proximity to the North Pole (1904 miles away). Additionally, it also scored highly for its clear skies (16th out of 82) and good visibility (11th out of 82).

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In second place is Cold Lake, Alberta, which was also the third city with the least light pollution in the study. Fort McMurray (Alberta) takes third place, with the sixth-best visibility score, and is also the third-closest city to the North Pole.

St John’s is the Canadian city least likely to see the auroras, largely because it ranks third in fewest hours of clear skies and most hours of low visibility of all the cities studied.

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