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Kaleidoscope of Cultures Celebrated in Montreal on Canada Day

Canadian Visa Expert established that Montreal’s Canada Day celebration was a complete show of cultural heritages. Both citizens and immigrants attended the event to show their allegiance to the Maple Leaf. 

In Montreal, people from all walks of life and nations living in Canada came out to celebrate their new home. Canada’s diversification, coupled with its beautiful culture, makes the celebration unique.

The celebration featured several communities, including the Chinese, Caribbean, Peruvian, Sikh, Indonesian, Irish, Scandinavian, Mauritian, Filipino, and others. 

After the celebration parade took off, it headed to Place du Canada, where cultural activities were in full gear. The activities performed at the Place du Canada include face-painting, caricatures and a cake-cutting ceremony.

Though it started thundering with raindrops in the distance, it was not enough to prevent people from parading in a kaleidoscope of cultural displays.

Attendees share their Canada Day celebration experience

Canadian Visa Expert could confirm that the Canada Day celebration was attended by different kinds of individuals, from recent immigrants to citizens. 

A cross-section of the participants shared their happiness about the opportunity Canada has offered them and also expressed their hope for the future.

For example, Bita Sarkhosh and her daughter, Adriana Shervan, attended this year’s Canada Day parade with so much gratitude to Canada. Sarkhosh relocated from Iran in the 1980s and gave birth to her daughter in Canada about a decade later.

“We celebrate the nation because of its beautiful cultures and diversification. I’m 28 now, and I can express that Canada is a country of freedom, independence and free will. I am privileged and blessed to be in this great nation,” said Adriana.

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