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Food Helps Immigrants in Canada Stay Close to Roots

Food is a vital part of human culture and an integral part of how immigrants settle in when they move to a different country. 

Recently, Canadian Visa Expert discovered that food is one of the essential factors that help immigrants in Canada stay close to their roots.

For instance, at CBC’s Creating Space event, some immigrants in Canada briefly shared how food helps them stay in touch with their home country. Though they are trying to build a new life here in Canada, they still keep their traditions close to heart.

How Food Helps Some Immigrants Stay Close to Roots

Alanna Oddoye moved to Canada about 15 years ago; she was first an international student at the University of Windsor before she got her permanent residency and Canadian citizenship.

“Food is the number one tradition that connects me to my roots. The Ghanaian’ jollof rice always reminds me of home”, she said.

“It is so great to see foods from my home country in Canada. It makes me feel connected to my roots”, she concluded.

Fatimah is another immigrant who feels connected to her roots through food. She moved to Canada about three years ago.

She said, “Initially, moving away from other family members who still live in England was difficult.”

But she concluded that it has become easier now because she has made new friends and participates in drinking tea, a British tradition she engaged in before moving to Canada.

It is so great to see foods from my home country in Canada. It makes me feel connected to my roots

Food Impacts How Immigrants Get Connected to Their Roots

Canadian Visa Expert establishes that food is integral for immigrants to feel connected to their roots. While immigrants move to Canada to build a new life for themselves, they keep themselves connected to their roots through foods from their home countries. 

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