Immigrants from Mexico and Nigeria Discuss Living in Canada

In a video series produced by the Immigrant and Refugee Services of Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.), immigrants from Mexico and Nigeria got to talk about what living in Canada feels like.

The immigrants from Mexico City were The Tinocos. The family of four moved to P.E.I. in 2018. The couple, Jamie and Sara, moved in with their sons, Jamie Jr. and Matt. 

According to CanadianVisaExpert, the couple migrated to P.E.I. because they wanted a better environment to raise their sons. Jamie stated that they were initially living in a big city with big problems. Thus, they decided to move to Canada to ensure the safety of their children. 

The Tinocos moved their software sales business as they left Mexico for P.E.I.

A Nigerian Shares Her Experience of Living in Canada

A Nigerian, Elizabeth Iwunwa, born and raised in Lagos, shared her experience of moving to Canada. Iwunwa moved to P.E.I. in 2014 for studies and stayed afterwards. Presently, she is a junior policy analyst in the Department of Agriculture in P.E.I. Also, at the moment, she is working on a book titled An Anthology of Immigrant Life on P.E.I., Canadian Visa Expert reported.

Iwunwa narrated that the small population size of P.E.I. was the most shocking and loved thing for her when she arrived in the province. Since she came from Lagos, a place filled with palpable energy and the hustle and bustle of life, the serenity and calm life of Prince Edward Island stood out to her.

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