Canadian Plan Seeks 1.5 Million Immigrants Over 3 Years

The federal government of Canada has recently announced its great plan to take in 500,000 newcomers a year by 2025. With this plan, about 1.5 million new immigrants will enter the country over the next three years.

According to Canadian Visa Expert, the achievement of this plan will enable Canada to welcome about eight times the number of permanent residents welcomed each year per population in the UK. The plan would also see Canada welcome four times more immigrants than the United States, its southern neighbour.

"The federal government of Canada has recently announced its great plan to take in 500,000 newcomers a year by 2025"

Reason for Aggressive Population Growth Plan in Canada

Canada has been working tirelessly to grow its population and its primary means of achieving this is through immigration. The country is hoping that immigration will fill the gap in its economy. From reports, the gap in its economy is due to the aging Baby Boomers leaving the workforce.

Before now, Canada has tried to attract permanent residents. These landed immigrants have the right to stay in the country indefinitely, even if they are not citizens. According to Canadian Visa Expert, permanent residents will help to keep the population and the economy growing. 

Based on the tireless efforts of the Canadian government, about 405,000 permanent residents were welcomed into the country last year. From reports, this record is the most in the country’s entire history.

A Unique and Accommodating Country

About one in four Canadians came to the country as an immigrant. This record is said to be the highest among the G7 nations. The high rate of immigrants entering Canada is due to its uniqueness and excellent accommodation for newcomers.

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