Immigrants from 53 Countries Granted Canadian Citizenship

In November 2022, 306 people from 53 countries became Canadian citizens at the citizenship oath ceremony held at TCU Place, Saskatoon. The Canadian citizenship judge, Suzanne Carrière, addressed the new citizens. She said the people were welcomed home into the Canadian family.

Canadian Visa Expert reiterated that Canada is truly a home away from home as the place is known for accommodating people from all walks of life.

The citizenship judge further stated that there are many reasons why people immigrate to Canada. According to Carrière, some reasons were instability, war and better opportunities. The people were commended for their perseverance and embrace of their new country, Canada.

Words from Some of the New Citizens at the Citizenship Oath Ceremony

One of the new citizens, Jaswinder Chadha, said becoming a Canadian was a dream come true as she loved Saskatchewan and desired to live there. She further stated that it had been a long journey with ups and downs for her, as she came to Regina from India about a decade ago.

Canadian Visa Expert reported that Angelina Shabani was another person who took the oath of citizenship along with hundreds of other people in Saskatoon. The new citizen, originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, couldn’t contain her joy at becoming a Canadian citizen.

A Special Day for Immigrants

At the citizenship oath ceremony in Saskatoon, the citizenship judge concluded that the day was a special day for the new Canadians. Canadian Visa Expert reported that the ceremony was one of the largest in-person ceremonies to have taken place in Saskatchewan.

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