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Canada Treats Newcomers Equally

Generally, Canada is an accommodating country for immigrants from all walks of life. The word “newcomer” is preferred to other words for new Canadians.

The word means someone who arrived in Canada in the last three years or someone who came a decade ago. These definitions are based on the website of Access Alliance, a volunteer group in the country. This means the accurate definition of the word is quite unclear. 

The term is mainly used by organizations, however, because it is broadly inclusive. Canadian Visa Expert reported that the word embraces immigrants, asylum-seekers, refugees, and international students.

Foreign Students in Canada

Due to Canada’s accommodation for newcomers, many of the country’s international students remain in the country at the completion of their studies. According to Nick Noorani, Canadian immigration has evolved over the years. The author of the book “Welcome to Canada” stated that students had become future immigrants, and over 60 percent of them become permanent residents or immigrants.

Canada offers admission to about 600,000 international students every year, said Noorani. This record is more than the nearly 400,000 immigrants also admitted each year.

Canadian Visa Expert concluded that both international students and immigrants have a significant impact on the population growth of Canada.

"Canada offers admission to about 600,000 international students every year"

Newcomer - A Welcoming and Inclusive Term in Canada

The term “newcomer” generally makes people entering Canada feel welcomed and included. This statement is especially true for international students. The word not only makes them feel more welcome, but also makes them optimistic about their ability to immigrate to Canada if they wish.

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