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Artists and Other Creatives Are Moving to Newfoundland

Recently, the composition of people living in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador has changed. Many artists and other creatives leaving the urban centers of Canada are moving into the area.

Christian Parker, one of the best-known gallerists in the St. John’s region of Newfoundland, gave some reasons for the recent move of creatives into the area. He mentioned that renowned artists in the area attract new artists from around the world. Also, the Canadian government offers grant systems through peer juries in theatre, music, dance and art. 

Moreover, famous galleries try to mentor young talent in the creative field. CanadianVisaExpert, thus, concluded that artists generally feel supported in Newfoundland.

More Reasons Newfoundland Is Attracting Artists

Generally, Newfoundland attracts tourists and grows its economy using this means. The attraction of tourists to this region is due to its beauty, which resort centers like the Fogo Island inn enhance.

The current progress experienced in Newfoundland and Labrador is due to the collaborative efforts of stakeholders. John Norman, a community leader and prominent art collector in the province, made this statement. These stakeholders are the Provincial and Federal government, artists, municipalities and social entrepreneurs. 

CanadianVisaExpert reported that with the way residents of this region live and work, brain drain would soon be eradicated from Newfoundland. Ultimately, this will enable it to attract and keep more creative people from diverse communities.

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