Canadian Cities with Jobs and Affordable Housing

For a while now, the cost of housing has been a challenging issue for many Canadians. This circumstance is why some Canadians left the most expensive cities in the country for the outskirts of urban hubs. On the flip side, most of the large urban hubs with the high cost of housing offer the most lucrative jobs. Also, they offer various career options. 

Despite this situation, there is a compromise between great job markets and cheap housing markets in some cities in Canada. In other words, there are cities in Canada with the best mix of affordable housing and job opportunities. 

CanadianVisaExpert stated that new immigrants should consider relocating to these places with both cheap housing and job opportunities.

Top Canadian Cities with Affordable Housing and Great Job Markets

First on the list of Canadian cities with the best mix of job opportunities and affordable housing is Regina in the province of Saskatchewan. This city features an average home price of $266,800. As a result, it is ranked the most affordable metro area in Canada. At the same time, it is ranked fifth in the Bank of Montreal’s labor market assessment.

Saskatoon boasts an average house price of $334,600. Saskatchewan’s largest city is also ranked first on the labor market report card of the Bank of Montreal (BMO).  

CanadianVisaExpert stated that newcomers would have a pleasant stay in Regina and Saskatoon with these attributes.

Some Other Cities with Great Mix of Affordability and Lucrative Jobs

From reports, Moncton is another city with a good mix of housing affordability and a great labor market. This city, with an average home price of about $333,200, is ranked ninth in BMO’S labor performance report. Other cities are Moncton, Winnipeg and Edmonton.

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