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Canada Added 150,000 Jobs in January

In January this year, Canada’s economy added a net 150,000 jobs. Most of the positions came from full-time work, reported Statistics Canada. While Canadian employment in January 2023 rose by 0.8%, the unemployment rate remained at 5.0%. 

Canadian Visa Expert said that this statistic defeats the forecast that the jobless rate would increase to 5.1%.

For Canadian employment in the goods manufacturing industry, jobs increased by a net of 25,400. This rise was experienced mainly in the construction aspect of the goods-producing sector. On the flip side, the services industry grew by a net of 124,700 jobs in Canada. A significant increase was recorded in wholesale and retail trade. 

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Details about the Employment Increase in Canada in January

The significant Canadian employment increase in January was experienced in full-time work. A significant rise was seen between the ages of 25 and 54. This upward employment trend is said to have begun in September last year.

From reports, Canadian job gains were seen across diverse industries. Top on the list of sectors is wholesale and retail trade, health care, social assistance and educational services. Canadian Visa Expert reported a reduction in employment in the transportation and warehousing industries, according to the government’s statistics agency.

Opportunities for all in Canada

Canada is currently adding many jobs for the fifth consecutive month. As a result, the country’s demand for skilled foreign workers is on the rise. Based on this, Canadian Visa Expert stated that there are diverse opportunities for new immigrants in Canada. Also, temporary workers and students can benefit from these opportunities.

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