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Permanent Residency Available to Eligible Ukrainians in Canada

The ongoing war in Ukraine is bringing many Ukrainian immigrants to Canada. According to Canadian Visa Expert, Canada will launch a new permanent residency program for Ukrainians fleeing war in their home country.

The announcement about the new permanent residency program was released a few months ago; however, the details about the new residency pathway are set to be released on October 23, 2023.
With the new permanent residency pathway, Ukrainians in Canada could receive permanent resident status.

"We continue to extend unwavering support and a lifeline to families separated by this war, including this family reunification pathway. The pathway is provided to help Ukrainian families stay together to rebuild their lives in their newly found communities in Canada."

Canadian Visa Expert says the federal government is fully committed to helping Ukrainians start a new life in Canada.

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Who Is Eligible for the Program?

Though the full details of the permanent residency program are yet to be released, it is speculated that several categories of Ukrainians will be eligible for the program.

Firstly, Canadian Visa Expert states that the eligibility will be extended to Ukrainians living in Canada with temporary status. The ones with one or more family members in Canada would also benefit.

More so, the program will come at no cost and will be in place for one year before it is retired. The federal government will release more details about the program before it launches on October 23, 2023.

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