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Targeted Selection for Canadian Immigration to Start Next Year

Based on Canada’s great labour shortage, the country depends on immigrants to grow its workforce. As a result, the country is making plans to see that immigrants that are more suitable for the vacant positions settle in the country. 

Canadian Visa Expert reported that Canada’s government is set to target newcomers in certain sectors, especially those with hard-to-fill jobs. In other words, when choosing immigrants, preference will be given to those specific skills. Thus, industries suffering the most critical labour shortages will begin to enjoy better matching of skilled immigrations with high-demand jobs.

According to Sean Fraser, Canada’s Immigration Minister, the new tactical method of selecting permanent residents will begin next year

Reasons for Targeted Selection in 2023

The Canadian government is looking to adopt targeted selection for immigrants in 2023 due to the pitfalls of the existing selection system. Canadian Visa Expert reported that the existing system of picking newcomers in Canada has made many immigrants unable to secure jobs in Canada that fit their skills. As a result, the economy is not making optimal use of the full potential of a highly-educated workforce. 

Sean Fraser further explained that the existing system is why some incredibly skilled immigrants entering the country end up doing jobs other than the ones they specialize in. With the new system, the inefficiencies of the Canadian immigration system will be addressed.

Sectors That Will Benefit from the Targeted Selection

In all, the new selection process in Canada for 2023 will help labour-starved sectors secure suitable employees to fill their vacant positions. Some industries that will benefit from this new system are food services, construction, health care and engineering organizations.

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