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Canadian Communities to Attract Foreign Workers

Small towns in Canada are hopeful of welcoming newcomers to work and live permanently in their communities. The plan is to make use of a provincial immigration program. 

According to the economic development officer of one of the small Canadian towns, Amy Allred of the town Taber, many businesses have tried to recruit staff locally. But with the deepening labour shortage, employers are looking to cast their net wider and secure employees internationally. 

Canadian Visa Expert reported that Taber was approved to participate in a provincial immigration program. This program aims at helping rural communities in Alberta recruit newcomers who will help fill the job openings. The idea is to enable small communities to attract immigrants who will settle in the towns permanently.

Businesses in Taber Face Labour Shortages

According to the report, employers in the southern Alberta town of Taber are currently struggling to hire the staff they need to fill their vacant positions. The situation is so bad that new businesses and those operating for decades face the same challenge.

Canadian Visa Expert reported that one of the business owners in the town, Vivek Kapil, searched for a dishwasher and cook for almost a month for his newly opened Indian restaurant. Based on the difficulty in hiring employees, Kapil explained that he and other staff had been working every morning to the close of work to fill in the gaps. This restaurant owner is trying to coax friends from other parts of the country to move to Taber to work for him to ease the situation.

The Immigration Program in Alberta

Employers in Alberta are hopeful of recruiting immigrants to apply for jobs using the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program. According to Canadian Visa Expert, other communities of the province taking part in the program are The City of Brooks, Grande Prairie and the Town of Whitecourt.

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