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Record 1,005,700 Canadian Job Postings Available

Canadian employers are struggling to get workers to fill their vacant positions. Currently, the labour market in the country is heated up. 

As of the beginning of May 2022, 1,005,700 Canadian jobs were vacant. According to reports, this record was 42% higher than in 2021.

The current high rate of vacant positions in Canada assures immigrants of abundant job opportunities, said Canadian Visa Expert.

"1,005,700 Canadian jobs were vacant. According to reports, this record was 42% higher than in 2021."

More Information about the Job Vacancies in Canada

According to Statistics Canada, the record of unfilled positions in May was higher than in April. From the report, the number of Canadian job openings for April was 1,001,100.

The sectors with the highest unfilled positions are the food and accommodation industries. The vacant positions for these sectors in May were 161,000 and a vacancy rate of 11.9%. The record in May made it the 13th consecutive month that restaurants and hotels have the highest percentage of vacant positions.

Canadian Visa Expert concluded that immigrants who are hoteliers, chefs or similar occupations have nothing to worry about when they immigrate to Canada. The conclusion is sound, because employers in these sectors are seriously finding it difficult to attract and keep workers. 

In May, little change was recorded in unfilled positions in the transportation, retail trade, warehousing, construction and manufacturing industries.

Difficulty in Hiring Ongoing for Canadian Employers

Based on the continuous increase in job vacancies in Canada, getting workers to fill vacant positions has become more challenging for employers. Considering the number of job openings in the country, immigrants can find many jobs with ease.

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