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More Economic Immigrants to Move to Ontario

In 2021, Monte McNaughton, Ontario’s Labour and Immigration Minister, called for the doubling of economic immigrants in Ontario. In the year, about 9,000 people were allowed in the province under the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program.

Now, the province is set to double the number of economic immigrants it welcomes. Canadian Visa Expert reported that a plan, in coordination with the federal government, would help boost the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program.

Based on the new plan, Ontario will be welcoming 16,500 immigrants under the program in 2023 rather than the 9,750 people received in 2022. By 2024 and 2025, the province will have over 17,000 and 18,000 spots, respectively, under the Canadian immigration program.

Sectors of Priority in Ontario

Different professionals were welcomed in Ontario through last year’s allocation. According to Ontario’s provincial government, the workers included 2,200 software and IT workers, 1,000 truck drivers, and 3,900 skilled trade workers. 

The immigrants are also comprised of more than 100 nurses and personal support workers.

According to Canadian Visa Expert, foreign healthcare workers and skilled trade workers looking to immigrate to Canada should consider moving to Ontario. This is because McNaughton stated that priority will be given to these two groups.

Ontario is putting measures in place to prepare for the influx of immigrants it hopes to welcome under the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. One of the steps is the removal of Canadian work experience requirements. 

Impact of More Economic Immigrants in Ontario

The increase in the movement of economic immigrants to Ontario is hoped to be of great benefit.  One of the benefits is that it will help ensure the province’s growth in vital fields like health care and home building. At the same time, the benefits of immigration will be experienced in every region of Canada.

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