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Rural Ontario Wants Permanent Immigration Program

The workforce shortage in some regions of Canada has been a recurrent issue for some years. Canadian Visa Expert could confirm that rural Ontario is one of the areas in need of workforce reinforcement from the foreign labor force.

Though there is a northern communities’ immigration program scheduled to end by 2024, the region is clamoring for the program to be made permanent.

“As the health care field struggles to fill positions, the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program has helped to fill some gaps in our labor force,” the Timmins and District Hospital reported.

Mike Resetar, the human resource manager for Timmins and District Hospital, says this Canadian immigration program has been a good way for the hospital to recruit new health workers to fill in shortages.

In his words: “We’ve been able to hire several roles where we have shortages. These include physicians, nurses, support staff, and personal support workers.”

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The Canadian Government’s response to the request

Canadian Visa Expert says that while the current immigration program is scheduled to sunset in 2024, a statement has been issued from the Canadian immigration minister’s office regarding the request to make this immigration program permanent. 

The statement reads: “The benefits of the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot are undeniable. Minister Fraser, the immigration minister, has spoken with those directly impacted by this program and has noted how it fills crucial gaps in labor demands and strengthens communities. The ministry will continue to work on this and will have more to share soon”.

We hope to hear more favorable opinions from the immigration minister in the coming days, concluded Canadian Visa Expert.

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