Immigrants Contribute to Booming Economy on Prince Edward Island


Prince Edward Island, the smallest province of Canada, is pretty as a storybook with green pastures, sienna-colored soil, rolling fields, and tiny, gabled farmhouses. This little island is seeing quite an economic boom with retail sales up over seven percent, and employment growing by three percent. Over the past year, wages increased over three percent, and P.E.I. is trying to hold a streak of record tourism. You and your family would benefit by contacting Canadian Visa Expert for immigration information. They will help you apply for the visa needed to live and work in Canada.

The minister of economic development, Chris Palmer, noted P.E.I. has seen a remarkable change in attitude. “We’ve got tremendous skill sets of folks who are here. We are inviting people with new skill sets to come to P.E.I. They’re coming here and thriving.” He said they are bringing new employment and in the meantime, spending money. There are close to 150,000 residents that live on the island and has the most robust growth in the area, which is credited to immigration. The immigration nominee program has caused the growing diversity of the isle. There were about 2,350 permanent residents who relocated to P.E.I. last year. Now is an excellent time to consider moving to P.E.I., since they are in need of skilled workers. Canadian Visa Expert has employees ready to assist you through every step of the immigration process. Contact them today!

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