Research Finds Canadians Living in Rural Regions Are Happiest

Researchers at McGill University did a study about how satisfied people are with their lives, on a scale of one to ten. The research was based on 400,000 responses from residents in each of the 1,215 communities in Canada. The reactions show Canadians are a happy bunch, with ranges from 7.04 to 8.96. The variation in the statistics are from income and education, but the greatest variation was population density. There are many happy places in Canada for you and your family to live. Contact Canadian Visa Expert for a simple Five Phase Process to obtain a Canadian worker visa.


The communities that ranked as the not so happiest has eight times the residence of the areas that are considered happiest. It seems strange people are not as happy in urban areas as there are more people to connect with, but social isolation is a critical key for urban dwellers. Even though they enjoy lower unemployment rates, higher incomes, and higher education, they are not as happy as rural residents. The cost of housing plays a part in the lower ratings. Those in more densely populated areas pay over 30 percent of their incomes on houses which means they work longer hours to afford the lifestyle in a larger city.

Another factor is the amount of time they spend commuting to their jobs. Urban residents have fewer ties to their communities, while rural communities have a great sense of community. If you are looking for a happy place for you and your family, contact Canadian Visa Expert. They will assist you through every step of the immigration process.

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