Canada’s economy enjoys tremendous prosperity and success

The Canadian economy has seen significant growth across 19 of 20 industries. Even with the weakening of sales in April 2018 due to cold weather, retail is on the rise with a two percent increase. Another industry on the rebound is construction, which rose 0.7 percent after a decline due to the cold month of April. The output is up five percent over the past year. CanadianVisaExpert and its team of professionals can assess your situation and lead you on the right path to obtaining the required visa to live and work in Canada. There are many opportunities available for you and your family in this great country.

Food services and drinking places increased by 0.9 percent. The gross domestic product increase was evenly divided between a 0.5 percent growth for services and a 0.6 percent increase for goods-producing companies. The total growth of the GDP grew 2.6 percent in May from 12 months earlier, according to Statistics Canada.

The Bank of Canada raised interest rates for the fourth time over a year period and said even more increases might be required in a fairly tight economy. Even with high trade tensions with the U.S., industries with substantial ties to exporting showed an increase. Manufacturing was up 0.1 percent, plus transportation and warehousing grew 0.4 percent. If you are considering relocating for work, contact CanadianVisaExpert for help with the immigration process. They value each customer and want to help you find a better life outside of your homeland. They offer a personalized approach to each client and will help you through the entire immigration path.



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