Canadian Visa Expert: 3rd Grade

Toronto Third Graders Make Comic Strips about Canadian Immigration

Canadian immigration stories have been told in a new, exciting way

Third-grade students from Jackman Avenue Junior Public School created comics telling personal stories from people who have immigrated to Canada. They used interviews, wrote the scripts, and designed the backgrounds and avatars with Pixton, a comic maker. The project was not only fun but was a learning experience for the students. One student interviewed a family friend, about the process of the assignment coming together. She didn’t see the project as work but enjoyed interviewing people and making the comics. She loves to write and said her favorite thing about Canada is the kind and polite people who try to help you.

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Her teacher said, “One thing that really surprised me is sort of the different angles that students took.” He even made a comic about his mother’s immigration story as an example. She relocated to Hong Kong from Macau before arriving in Canada. After immigrating to the country, she became a Toronto Public Health Nurse. He wanted to prove to students you never know who is from another country and the story they have brought with them.

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