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Strong Support for Immigrants Among People Living in Canada

Immigrants have a strong support base with Canadians, even during the pandemic

A survey showed that 84 percent of those surveyed agreed that Canadian immigration positively impacts the economy, which increased by four points from last year. Half of the respondents strongly agree with the statement, and only 12 percent disagree. The report said, “Belief in immigration as an economic driver is the majority view across the country, expressed by over 70 percent in every province and identified demographic group”.

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The trend of accepting immigrants and refugees has continued to increase over the past few years. The uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic did not change how the population views immigrants. They understand how important newcomers are to the Canadian economy. Over two-thirds of Canadians reject the idea that immigration numbers are too high in the country.

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The overall positive trend was shown throughout all of the provinces and across all demographics. A new report shows, over the past year, the views toward immigration became even more positive than in the past forty years. The great healthcare, many job opportunities, and diversity in Canada make it a desirable place for newcomers.

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