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Nova Scotia Announces New Program for Immigration to Canada

Nova Scotia has seen a shortage in the continuing care and early childhood education sectors. To help combat the demand, the province has launched a three-year International Graduates in Demand immigration stream. The new program is one of nine NSNP (Nova Scotia Nominee Program) streams for immigration. Close to 2,000 candidates in 2020 were nominated through NSNP, which was over 50 percent of the total approved applications. Applicants must have a skill set in continuing care and early childhood education. As other labor shortages happen in various sectors, more occupations could be added to the stream. If you and your family are considering relocating to Canada for job opportunities, contact Canadian Visa Expert. Their Five-Step Process makes the process easy to apply for the required visa to live and work in Canada.

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Nova Scotia has one applicant under the new stream, Yasmin Abdelmagid, who recently graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Early Childhood Education. Abdelmagid has received a nomination and is working at a daycare in Halifax. A nomination doesn’t provide permanent residency immediately. Candidates must submit an additional application to IRCC within six months. After the application is processed by IRCC, the candidate, spouse, and dependents could also be eligible for a permanent resident visa. Canada has many job opportunities and a great healthcare system. Canada is also committed to bringing families together through sponsorship programs. It is one of the top locations for immigration in the world. Contact Canadian Visa Expert today and begin the process for you and your family.

Nova Scotia is one of the top locations for immigration in the world

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