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Top Five Skills for Finding a Job in Canada

There has been a noticeable shift in the labor market in Canada due to several factors. But Canadian Visa Expert suggests that no force will disrupt the Canadian job market more in the years ahead than the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI).

As major industry players adopt AI, workers must learn new skills to keep up with these trends.

Top Five Skills Highlighted by Canadian Visa Expert to Find a Job in Canada

Leadership and Management Skills

A significant gap needs to be addressed in leadership roles by the aging population in Canada as they move into retirement. As a result, more managerial positions will become available for managers with the necessary experience level.

Digital Literacy

As the workforce becomes highly automated with the advancement of AI, Canadian Visa Expert suggests that individuals finding a job in Canada should invest in digital literacy. Doing this will help them to use these technological tools effectively.

Human Skills

Humans will become increasingly valued for skills that require soft skills as industries start to outsource most technical skills to machines. Job-seekers must learn soft skills as they gradually become more important.


People finding jobs in Canada need to learn how to adapt to the high volatility of the economy. Workers must be resilient to find a job in this fast-paced, technology-driven marketplace.

Skills Regarding Supply Chain

The e-commerce industry is a field that has become widely-adopted since the pandemic. As a result, job-seekers may want to learn skills relating to the supply chain.

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Impact of the Aging Population on the Canadian Workforce

According to Statistics Canada, about seven million Canadians were aged 65 or older in 2021, suggesting that almost 20% of the Canadian population are about to retire. With this aging population, skills valued by Canadian employers are changing drastically.

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