Canadian Employment and Wages Rising


Statistics Canada released a report in October 2017 showing exciting news for the country. Nine years ago the economy experienced a financial crisis that put a damper on employment, but last month, the labor market showed an economic upswing reflecting a ten-month stretch of net job gains. The 6.2% rate of unemployment remained at a nine-year low as an upsurge of 112,000 full-time positions were added to Canada’s growing economy. The CanadianVisaExpert team is ready to assist you in obtaining a work visa to relocate to Canada.

The latest release also showed that wages have increased in Canada. The rise was welcoming news after an unforeseen low toward the beginning of the year. The details of the report show many positive signs. “…the economy is still churning out jobs at a pretty solid pace, the unemployment rate is slowly but surely grinding down,” says BMO chief economist, Doug Porter. He also added that most of the new job growth is for full-time positions, making this a robust report. September 2017 saw a 2.2% year-over-year increase in average hourly pay, which does indicate a rebounding from unanticipated soft numbers earlier in 2017. The timing is right for finding a job and relocating to Canada. Contact Canadian Visa Expert for more information.

There was an increase in the goods-producing category of factory work. A total of 10,500 positions were added compared to only 500 jobs lost in the services trade. The governmental services sector saw an upswing of 26,200 employees. This comprehensive report of national statistics points toward an employment expansion of 1.8% and 319,700 net new jobs. A shocking 90% of these positions are full-time. There is no better time to reach out to the Canadian Visa Expert team to apply for a work visa and join the workforce in Canada.

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