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Winnipeg Program Helps Immigrant Children with School and Jobs

Canadian Visa Expert says integrating immigrants who are children and young adults into the Canadian system could sometimes be challenging. Since many of these immigrants are from non-English speaking countries, they need help to connect in schools or get befitting jobs in Canada.

However, many immigrant children and young adults have found it easier to navigate these hurdles with the help of a Winnipeg program, called Newcomers Employment and Education Development Services Inc. (NEEDS).

According to Canadian Visa Expert, NEEDS offers a free school preparedness course for newly arrived youth ages 6 to 21, tagged as an introduction to the Canadian education program. The program also provides other services, including employment for youth and recreation programs.

A young immigrant benefitting from NEEDS

Canadian Visa Expert could establish that fewer than 2,000 newcomers enroll with NEEDS Inc. yearly. Some put in for educational programs, while some enroll for employment programs.

For instance, Makar Hoduk is a 10-year-old immigrant from Ukraine who enrolled with NEEDS to prepare for Canadian school life. The boy, among another group of immigrant kids, enrolled in the Introduction to Canadian Education workshop.

The workshop is to teach kids English, Math, Biology and General Knowledge. 

“I am learning about Canadian money, especially coins. I have also learned about the different types of transportation here, and I also enjoy playing bingo,” Makar said, speaking through an interpreter.

NEEDS has four classrooms with about 50 to 60 kids visiting each day. The organization has partnered with the Winnipeg school divisions to support registration and orientation.

Canadian Visa Expert could establish that fewer than 2,000 newcomers enroll with NEEDS Inc.

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