Goal of 300,000 Canadian Visas Set for 2017

The Canadian government set a goal of allowing 300,000 immigrants move to the country in 2017. The majority of these new permanent residents permitted into Canada were economic immigrants. Previously, around 250,000 newcomers were admitted annually from 2011 to 2015. John McCallum, Immigration Minister, said by making the 300,000 baseline number permanent, it would lay the foundation for immigration growth in the future.

McCallum said, “I do believe it is true that more immigrants for Canada would be a good policy for demographic reasons.” Canada, along with several other developed countries, is dealing with the challenges of an aging population and its potential impact on economic growth. Contact Canadian Visa Expert for information on receiving a visa to live and work in Canada. This country is a friendly place for immigrants and their families.

Bill Morneau, the finance minister, was advised by an economic advisory council to increase Canada’s yearly immigration target to 450,000 over the next five years. The thought is to attract skilled talent to companies in Canada. Although McCallum did not meet that recommendation, he did say the number is “a conceivable number” for the future. Under the 2018 immigration plan, the number of newcomers allowed to come to Canada under the economic category will raise from 160,600 to 172,500.

According to the government, the refugees allowed will decrease from 55,800 to 40,000. The Canadian population stands at about 35 million people. If you are a skilled worker, you have a better chance of being accepted as a Canadian immigrant. Canadian Visa Expert will help you in applying for the necessary visa to find work in Canada.

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